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tv   The Last Word  MSNBC  March 9, 2011 3:00am-4:00am EST

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nowhere in the sales department once chris christie takes the field. so the best you can say about the republican race so far is this. we know the brackets. the west that demands culture war 24, 7, the east wants jobs and spending cuts that are somehow going to create jobs. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "the last word with lawrence o'donnell" starts right now. lee coffman says he won't compromise, then in e-mails compromises on almost everything he says he won't compromise on. you call that guy the governor of wisconsin. >> he hasn't even made an attempt to compromise in any way. >> scott walker backs down now, he is finished. >> the governor who would not compromise may have no choice. >> some sort of a dork-filled version of high noon.
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ridiculous. >> accused the dems of blocking negotiations. >> keep saying that republicans and the governor are unwilling to budge on this issue simply isn't true. >> each side claiming the other is not negotiating. >> reports that the governor may be secretly willing to work out a deal as more republican senators threaten to defect. >> this is really about governor walker's principles. the rest of this is just theatrics, hysterics. >> i am not going to negotiate in public. >> they want a voice. >> so ridiculous. >> in washington, as usual, senators can't even compromise on whether to vote or what to vote on. >> the plan the tea party pushed through the house is an irresponsible plan. it is a reckless plan. >> why are we voting on partisan proposals that we know will fail? >> now over here republicans don't want to vote. >> and republicans who want to run against president obama don't want to talk about it is a reckless plan. >> why are we voting on partisan proposals that we know will fail? >> now over here republicans don't want to vote. >> and republicans who want to run against president obama don't want to talk about deficits or budgets. >> a thousand miles away from washington. >> talking about the economy,
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these fellows talked about abortion. >> in washington, d.c., they say marriage will be defined however we feel like defining it. no, it won't. it should be defined as between a man and woman. >> they felt kind of small. >> morality applies across the board. >> newt is carrying a lot of personal baggage. >> i expect him to show up in sandals. >> good evening. more than three weeks, thousands gathered in madison, wisconsin, protesting scott walker's so-called budget repair bill. the movement has reached beyond wisconsin state lines and has created a movement that robert riesh now calls the people's party. last night, they were heard in a suburb of milwaukee where the governor actually lives, at a town hall with a republican state senator and republican senator jim sensenbrener. >> collective bargaining is not
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being taken away. >> that's not true. that's a lie. >> we're not dealing with the country. >> this meeting will be adjourned. >> despite denials from republican leadership, the pressure from the people's party and the missing 14 democratic state senators may be getting to some of wisconsin's republican legislators. in a newspaper interview, republican state senator rob cowles said you have to be flexible because some way, somehow, there will be an amendment modifying the collective bargaining.
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and republican state senator luther olson who once called walker's plan to get rid of collective bargaining rights radical also appears to be willing to compromise with democrats saying they're in the minority but holding some cards, so you've got to negotiate. you can't give up the whole ship. and newly released e-mails from the governor's office under an open records request from milwaukee journal sentinel show the governor has been negotiating to make changes to the collective bargaining piece of his bill, something he has publicly insisted is nonnegotiable. joining me now from illinois, wisconsin democratic senator chris larson. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> senator, the contents of these e-mails indicate that the governor is willing to compromise on virtually every point in the collective bargaining element of the so-called budget repair bill. where do these negotiations go from here?
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>> right. well, the e-mails were the start of discussions. taken in context, they also happened to be days he had press conferences saying look, i tried talking to them, nothing came of it, including what happened yesterday where he took the letter to meet in earnest, took and used it as a prompt in his charade. this press conference yesterday. but i think we're close. i think that walker, you know, he's feeling the pressure to show that he's at least trying to talk to us, trying to reach out. but the pressure is really with the senate republicans, like the senator you showed and others that are feeling the pressure. there have been five or six senate republicans that never liked this bill from the beginning, but they were willing to rubber stamp it if it moved as fast as it was. now that it slowed down, now that everyone in the country knows what's in it, now that the recalls have kicked into high gear, the pressure is really on them at this point whether they will side with walker, corporations and that sinking ship or side with the tens of thousands of people that have spoken out and the workers of wisconsin.
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it is really on them at this point. >> i want to go over some of the highlights of the e-mails that indicate the shape of a possible deal here. it says the e-mails indicate that the bill would no longer seek to limit public employee union bargaining over wages simply to the rate of inflation. the bill would allow union bargaining over certain economic issues. the bill would allow union bargaining over workplace safety issues. union contracts for public employees would be limited to one- or two-year period. the unions would have to vote every three years to remain active, not every year as in the governor's bill. this seems to cover just about everything. i don't see anything in here, senator, about the state would no longer collect union dues through their payroll system. do you know if that's been part of negotiations? >> that's something that was talked about, but look, the details of what were being discussed were in earnest, trying to find a solution here.
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so a lot of these things, you should take them at the base of what we are trying to do. we are trying to preserve workers rights, the fundamental rights that existed 50 years for workers to continue to collectively bargain, rights they earned in there. so this is something where we are trying to get close. we put out the discussions. these are not negotiations, they're the beginning of discussions. picture when you first walk onto a used car lot. both sides are starting to talk. that's what these e-mails show. we are a little further away from actually getting to that settlement. i think it shows by the fact that these are already public. the negotiations when they finally come to fruition, they're not going to be in the public, it's going to be something where both sides finally say the same thing. i think that will end up being very close. >> there are recall campaigns under way against every wisconsin senator who is eligible to be recalled at this time, eight democrats, eight republicans.
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if you reach a deal with the republicans, is there a way of including some kind of stop of these recall campaigns or are those recall campaigns going on on their own? >> they're really started by the grass roots. there was one north of my district in senator darling's district where there was 500 people that showed up. they couldn't even fill the building they set up to meet in. that's grass roots, people coming out. they already received, achieved 25% of signatures needed. i think if she changed her position, said look, i am not going to attack worker rights, not going to continue to side with big corporations and scott walker, i am going to side with the people, i think all of that energy that's going to take her out of office would stop, and i think she knows that and i think the people know that. these are the people that are running this, it is not some outside group. it is mainly those people looking to be heard and haven't been heard at the capitol. i mean, they shut down public debate after 17 and a half hours, shut down the legislative hot line and then shut down the
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capitol, locked people out. then tried to take over our offices, you know? i am not sure where they thought the people were going to go. they had no alternative but to go back to their neighborhoods and change the people who weren't listening to them and get people that actually will. >> what about the recall campaigns against the eight democrats. democrats are already in the minority there. can you withstand those recall campaigns against eight democrats? >> well, i mean, the polls and where the public stands on this, about 60 to 70% stand with us and stand in support of what we are doing. you have to remember, when the recalls started, they were started by a group in utah. i am not sure they knew where wisconsin was when they started these things, and they are largely funded by a group called americans for prosperity which is a koch brothers front group. i think people recognize that folks from utah and money from the koch brothers doesn't equal actual grass roots. it is astro turf campaign, and i think neighbors in these districts understand that.
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>> do you think the release of these e-mails will make it easier or more difficult to negotiate with the governor going forward? i mean, seems to me the wall cracked on this whole issue of non-negotiablity. he is saying this is what we are willing to do. now is the time you could have relatively open negotiations. >> right. i mean, our real focus is with the senate republicans, with the more moderate members. i think that's where the breakthroughs are going to be. with walker, any time we've had any beginning of a discussion, he's come out in public and used it as a cause for a press conference, a press release, or another reason to scold us and do name calling. so he's showing himself to just be an idea log. when we do discuss, he kisses and tells. he comes back right away, says look, we tried, nothing worked out. i think when the senate republicans that genuinely want to find a compromise and
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solution that's not based on a harsh ideology, i think that's where we're going to get solutions. >> wisconsin democratic senator chris larson. thank you very much for joining me. >> thank you. >> joining me now, ed schultz, host of "the ed show." msnbc expert on all things wisconsin. ed, these e-mails. obviously the governor is not only willing to negotiate, he has negotiated. i don't get this. this is nothing like anything i've ever seen before. how does he then go back on television and say we're not going to negotiate. >> as far as the wisconsin 14 are concerned, lawrence, this has been really their motivation. they know he's negotiating. and no matter what he says out in the public, they know better because they've got him talking. i think what this governor is doing is that he's not as much talking to the wisconsin 14 in the press conferences, he's talking to the moderate republicans that he's not conversing with, and using a bully pulpit in the media to say you better not go with these guys.
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so i think it is two-fold. he wants to communicate, browbeat the democrats, also wants to do the same to moderates that look like they're going to be reasonable about it. they are not saying our way or the highway, they are saying let's negotiate about it. so i think the strength for the 14 has been these e-mails. they've known all along, they've been out there. there is no reason for them to come back because negotiations it is about collective bargaining because the democrats i believe are thinking that we can always get power back through the election and get the budget where we want it. the main thing we'd have to do is protect the workers. that's really where we are now. that is a bargaining chip they're not going to give up on. this is where the moderate republicans are finding common ground with democrats saying you know what, we have had collective bargaining rights in the state the last fifth ee years.
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why all of a sudden do we have to be bulldoggish when the i think that is going to be politically fatal for him. i think that is going to be politically fatal for him. >> you heard pat buchanan, a washington-based republican say, it is a disaster for this governor. if he does not fight to the end. it seems to me there are two audiences. they can't help. then he has a wisconsin electric turning on him. can he served both of these?
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>> he can't. as pat buchanan did, okay, you want to do this, do it, but you cannot come back. i think that walker is so ideologically driven that is what it is about. i think it will be really tough. for the 14, for them to say we go back now, they have to know in their heart, and it will be a judgment, will they have the people that if they come back, because it they come back and there is no success or recall and we drop the line on collective bargaining, this was all for naught. they have to come back knowing that this is real and people are going to see this through.
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there will be some damage to the republicans. >> more pressure on the governor then there is on the 14. >> these are the numbers that the 14 have been waiting for. this happened so fast. >> they needed to slow down the clock. >> time and space for the public to consume all of this. >> starting with ed schultz, host of the ed schultz show here. thank you for joining us. >> coming up, charlie sheen said his message. he plans to sue. they say they will sue right back. two budget bills up for a vote tomorrow. [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee time. time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze. but with zyrtec® liquid gels, i get fast, 24-hour allergy relief. so i feel better by the time we tee off.
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charlie sheen takes to the rooftops with a machete and bottle of something labeled tiger blood as he faces legal
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and ask if you're healthy enough for sexual activity. don't take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. [ man ] do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache, or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than 4 hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, stop taking cialis and call your doctor right away. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if cialis for daily use is right for you. for a 30-tablet free trial offer, go to today, senate majority leader harry reid accused republicans of reneging on a deal they made last week to hold a vote on their plan to cut 61 billion in government spending. >> they don't want to live up to the agreement that was made. we agreed, i repeat, to hold a vote on hr 1. the republican plan that they
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moved to the senate floor themselves. but now republicans are reneging on that deal. they don't want to vote on their own bill. >> after his floor speech, the votes did eventually get scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. democrats say the senate republicans are afraid to vote on the republican house bill because they risk either alienating tea party supporters who don't believe it goes far enough, or moderates that believe it goes too far. democrats have problems of their own. senator joe manchin, junior democratic senator from west virginia says he will vote against both the republican bill and the democratic bill because they both don't go nearly far enough. the republican bill, on the other hand, manchin said, blindly hacks the budget with no sense of our priorities or values as a country. >> why are we doing all this when the most powerful person in these negotiations, our president, has failed to lead this debate or offer a serious
3:21 am
proposal for spending and cuts that he would be willing to fight for? >> both sides have until march 18th when the government will run out of money once again if there's no compromise on federal spending, and once again, the nation will face the prospect of a government shut down. meanwhile, the only senators who are actually talking to each other are the so-called gang of six. three democrats and three republicans who are meeting in secret to discuss the long term financing of the federal government. joining me now is idaho republican senator, mike crapo, one of the gang of six. senator, thank you very much for joining me tonight. >> thank you, lawrence. good to be with you. >> senator, how will you vote on hr 1 tomorrow, on the republican budget bill that passed the house of representatives? >> i will vote yes for it. i believe that it is a good first step. but you got to put it into perspective.
3:22 am
it is a $61 billion cut when we are talking about the need to trim $4 trillion off our deficit over the next ten years. so although i believe that it is a good step, i definitely don't think that it focuses on the scope of the issue that we really have to deal with in this country. >> senator reid is eager to have them vote on the house bill because democrats and harry reid believe that moderate senators from maine, for example, will have a problem with this kind of bill because it cuts so drastically, cuts as joe manchin says in a haphazard kind of way. are you going to be able to hold onto all of the republicans in the senate tomorrow to vote for td house republican budget bill? >> i don't know the exact count. we'll have to see how the vote comes out. i would expect the vast majority of republicans will support it. i understand the attack that is being made that joe manchin mentioned and the president and others are making. you got to realize that this is a 1.6% reduction of a $3.7
3:23 am
trillion budget. and you know, if we can't cut 1.6% of a $3.7 trillion budget, then we are in big trouble as we try to tackle the huge mounting debt that we have, a debt that's $14 plus trillion now and going to be 21 or $22 trillion in the next decade if we don't take some very strong action. >> senator crapo, you are in the secret discussions of the so-called gang of six to take on the debt and long-term debt issue. is everything on the table in those discussions, and by everything, i mean tax increases? >> i would say everything is on the table, but i think there's going to be tremendous debate over many parts of the issue. if you take up the issue of tax policy, one question is the age old debate of tax increases or tax reductions, but what we determined in the fiscal commission, the president's fiscal commission that was a part of that plan was that the main focus on tax policy should be tax reform, which would
3:24 am
generate frankly a reduction in tax rates and expansion of the base that then leads to dramatic increased and stronger economy with more revenue to the federal treasury. so really, i believe the debate on the tax side of the equation is much more properly focused as the president's commission focused it on the reform of our tax code. >> senator crapo, i want to back up over the statement about taxes. i think i heard something that is different from the republican chant about cut taxes and you'll raise more revenue by cutting taxes. it sounds to me like what you're talking about is lowering tax rates if, and only if, you clear out some of the deductions, some of the clutter. in fact, the thousands of pages of clutter and deductions and loopholes in the tax code so that i could, for example, end up with a lower tax rate and end up paying a larger amount of
3:25 am
money in taxes, or the same amount of money in taxes with a lower rate. >> well, you would have to look at the way that reform worked out in individual circumstances. i think in the vast majority of cases for the vast majority of americans, it would be a big simplification of the code, and a reduction of their tax burden. if you look at our tax code today, there are $1.1 trillion of tax expenditures which for the most part are very, very difficult to justify, except for some of those that focus on things like the mortgage interest deduction and charitable deductions. we have a tax code that it would be hard to find a way to make one more complex, less fair, more expensive to comply with, or more anti-competitive to american business. and what i am talking about is going into the tax expenditures and weeding them out as you indicate and reducing the tax rates dramatically. taking the top rate from 39%
3:26 am
down to 23% or 25% or 28%, depending on how you do it. doing the same thing, making the lower rate and being lower than 8%. and like i say, i don't believe that would result in a higher tax burden for the vast majority of americans. >> senator, are you hoping that republican candidates for president will be willing to leave everything on the table in the menus that we have for curing the fiscal situation going forward? >> absolutely. i believe that every candidate and everybody who's involved in elected office has to recognize that the issue we face, our national debt crisis, is so serious and so threatening to our nation, the chairman of the joint chiefs has said that the highest risk to our national security is our national debt. everybody must recognize that, particularly elected officials, and we must recognize the steps
3:27 am
necessary to solve this problem are going to involve taking trillions of dollars off the national debt, not just taking off 60 billion like we are now. >> what would you say with people presented with grover norquist's pledge about you must pledge to never consider raising any tax in any way. that would include gasoline taxes which could be part of the long term fix. that would include in his definition even changing some deductible items. limiting deductible mortgages for million heirs, that would be considered a tax increase under grover norquist's pledge he forces candidates to sign. would you urge candidates not to sign that pledge? >> no. i actually support the notion that he's talking about there. but i think it should be explained. he is not saying we can't make those kinds of adjustments. he is saying there should be rate reductions for those kinds of adjustments. that's exactly what i was talking about earlier. the notion is that we should
3:28 am
broaden the base, and reduce the rates, which would then get us a dramatically increased more competitive tax code, a much stronger economy, and frankly, greater revenue to treasury to deal with fiscal problems. >> senator mike crapo from idaho. thank you very much for joining us, senator. >> thank you. coming up, why after a week of looney statements from mike huckabee, steven colbert calls him a steaming pile of reasonableness.
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in tonight's page six story, we want to be true, a chris christie, sarah palin link. port authority insiders are grumbling over chris christie's appointment of former sarah palin press aide as chief of public affairs of the port authority. christie appointed jamie loftus to the plum post at the bi-state agency in january. people wonder what prepares her for this, said a port authority insider. some point to her close relationship with christie's deputy chief of staff and former palin aide, and chief strategist.
3:33 am
they liked her and wanted her and she landed here, an insider said. another insider suggested christie wanted to keep her close so she could consult for him if he runs for president in 2012. we want this story to be true for one very simple reason. if governor christie keeps picking up former palin campaign people, he will be loading up on people who are very, very good at losing presidential elections, which will only ensure that even if governor christie does decide to run, the only way he would end up winning is charlie sheen style. coming up, charlie sheen's legal troubles grow on two legal fronts. why warner brothers plans to sue him after firing him. and a few of the republican candidates for 2012 come to iowa to get their social conservative
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in the "spotlight" tonight, the 2012 iowa caucus is 11 months away. last night, some potential presidential candidates spoke at the point of grace church just outside des moines to make their case for the republican nomination. the event was hosted by the iowa faith and freedom coalition, and held before a standing room only conservative crowd. 2008 iowa caucus winner mike huckabee skipped the gathering, as did sarah palin, who obviously knows she is the most recent losing vice presidential candidate who will never be president, and she has never seriously given any indication of actually thinking about running for president.
3:38 am
willard m. romney a no show. those that stepped up to the microphone, engaged in the battle of who was the most fiscally responsible and conservative, and the most anti-obama. >> isn't that what entitlements do, make you dependent, make you less, make you feel less? make you want less? if that is not a moral issue, i don't know what is. >> we have people in washington, d.c. that believe the unborn do not have a right to life. yes, they do! we have people in washington, d.c. who say marriage will be defined however we feel like defining it. no, it won't. it should be defined as between a man and a woman. >> morality matters in economics because balancing the budget is an essentially moral not economic question about whether or not politicians ought to have to follow the same rules as the rest of us. so there should be no distinction between economic national security and social conservatives.
3:39 am
we should all base our principles on fundamental questions of morality. >> joining me now, columnist from "the new york times," david brooks. also author of "the social animal" that goes on sale today. the republican field is taking shape. my favorite thing to do with conservatives and republicans is to ask them what's wrong with all of the republican candidates. i will start with the one you're a big fan of. you are a mitch daniels fan. if you could vote for president tonight, that's who you would want. >> i am not sure who i would vote for. he is mr. governor, mr. sex appeal. >> now i am going to destroy his candidacy for you here on this show. i want to show you what he said when he appeared on this show. >> if you run for president, grover norquist will present you with a written pledge that you must sign in order to advance your candidacy saying that you will absolutely never under any circumstance raise any tax.
3:40 am
will you sign grover norquist's pledge? >> there is no certainty i'll ever be a candidate for national office but i'll answer your question. i think given the emergency our nation faces, genuinely, threatening emergency posed by the presence of the debt we amassed that is out in front of us here, that anybody running for president should pledge to take one and only one oath, and that's the one that involves the bible and the west front of the capitol. that's the only pledge that i believe our candidates should be taking and the one that i would. >> governor, that is a brave answer in the political climate of running for president in republican primaries. >> it is over. >> i love that guy. that's the right answer. >> it is the right answer. that's why it is over. you cannot give the reasonable answer to that question and survive republican primaries.
3:41 am
>> i think he can. we'll see. we'll see. i think the party may have changed and the other thing he said, equally risky, some social issues that some are objecting to in iowa. if the party wants to win, they have to give some real and straight answers on the budget, and that means you can't rule anything off the table, and that's just reality. if the countries will accept that reality, they will vote for him, if they are not, they won't. i think it is a smart move. i wouldn't have said it. >> another daniels problem. there he goes, saying something that's perfectly reasonable and there's nothing worse for a presidential candidate. >> he has a gene in him that tells him to say i'm going to tell you, and i sort of like that. it causes political problems, but a lot of people in the republican party are profiting from that. chris christie, kind of obnoxious some of the time.
3:42 am
people may be in the mood for that. >> santorum saying no truce on social issues. sounds like that's going to be how he wants to advance the candidacy. >> the republicans have mitt romney, tim pawlenty, mitch daniels, and then the other entertainers on the side. in debate after debate, the entertainers can say anything. >> the official position of the show is that tim pawlenty is the only viable candidate because mitt romney has obamacare which equals romney care in massachusetts, he'll never survive it, and mitch daniels has this problem. he tells the truth about things. >> i am not sure that's a veto thing on him. a lot of people compare pawlenty to dukakis. >> pawlenty, my prediction, he will get the nomination and lose. >> well, romney is pretty strong. a lot of republicans, i spend a lot of time with them.
3:43 am
there's a lot of anti-romney feeling for sure. >> you have chosen to think much bigger these days than the 800 word limitation on an op-ed piece. you are writing about the social animal. you say many of our problems come from a reliance on an overly simplistic view of human nature. and so you have decided to take on nothing less than an explanation of human nature. >> couldn't get that in there somehow. >> we are in the middle of a great scientific era. people are peering inside our mind, finding how we act. some are trivial. people like dentists are less likely to become dentists. people that are lawyers become lawyers. we gravitate to the familiar. the profound thing is how we love, how we build character. we are beginning to get insights. the book is a description of all that's going on inside. >> did you start into the true thinking about politics, thinking about what is an
3:44 am
anti-tax, pro-choice, what do you call that voter, how does that voter make decisions? >> i started because why do 20 or 30% kids drop out of school when it is irrational. why spend 30 years reforming schools without touching the relationship between the teacher and student. people learn from people they love. but if you mention the word love at a congressional hearing, you look like oprah. i want to bring the science that shows the importance of love andy motion to a dry subject like politics. >> before we go, one of the trick questions for the staff which they don't like, what is the smartest op-ed piece you've read lately that you disagree with. >> paul chris man, i often disagree with, he said even if you go to college, the economy is going to screw you. you still are not going to get ahead. i think that's wrong, i have some doubts. he has a strong case, we have such structural problems in the economy that even if you go to college, you may have sort of flat wages in life, and that's a big problem.
3:45 am
>> you aren't testing your own thinking if you don't read people you disagree with. >> i agree. >> the social animal. hidden sources of love, character and achievement. david brooks, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. last week, mike huckabee managed to lie during pretty much every interview he did. why is stephen colbert calling the former arkansas governor reasonable? that's in the "rewrite." and charlie sheen vows he will sue warner brothers for firing him from "two and a half men." get ready to set your tivo to charlie sheen the deposition. more on the actor's legal troubles coming up.
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3:47 am
over the past week, mike huckabee got in trouble for almost everything he said on almost every talk show he was on. but tonight, it's what he did not say on stephen colbert's show that pushed colbert to the breaking point. that's next. later, charlie sheen continues to talk his way into more and more legal trouble at
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home and at work. @@
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time for tonight's "rewrite." mike huckabee's smiling, mean spirited inanities have gone too far, and drawn the wrath of mild mannered stephen colbert. as we did last week, colbert last night found fault with huckabee for telling the lie that barack obama grew up in kenya, and for criticizing natalie portman for being pregnant out of wedlock.
3:50 am
a criticism huckabee never saw fit to level at bristol palin. but that's not what drove colbert over the edge. >> huckabee's comments ticked me off, not because i disagree with him, folks, but because he didn't make them when he was on my show just one week ago. i want the juicy stuff you give other people, like this bold statement you made on gay marriage. >> the ideal world is a man and a woman. you don't go ahead and accommodate every behavioral pattern that is against the ideal. that would be like saying well, there's some people who believe in incest, so we should accommodate them. >> yes. gay marriage and incest are basically the same thing. that's westboro baptist church territory. that's the red meat i'm talking about. by the way, we shouldn't let gay people marry red meat either. when you were here, all you gave me was this. >> there's a difference between really just the kind of muslims
3:51 am
that live in your neighborhood, and they're great citizens angie hadists. there's a difference between christians that are nice people and the ones like the westboro baptist church who are a bunch of loons. >> what a steaming pile of reasonable! i'm sorry, sir, until you come on my show and say something that will get you some unwanted notice, i am putting you on notice. >> all right. brace yourself. see you. wouldn't want a huckabee-a. boom. how does that taste, governor. is that on your diet? there you are. and you're not coming off notice until you come on my show and recklessly misspeak. and i want it to be something good, like barack obama is the forgotten pointer sister, or michelle obama is a toothless carney who sells meth behind the zipper. and you know what? you know what, sir? you know what, makes it more comfortable, throw in a kenya here, here a kenya, there a
3:52 am
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charlie sheen was supposed to be in a los angeles courtroom today for a custody hearing with his ex-wife, brooke mueller. that hearing was cancelled. sheen's lawyer tells nbc news talks over custody of sheen's twin sons have been progressing on both sides after they were removed from sheen's home last week. last night, sheen's bizarre behavior continued for all to see as he waved a machete above him, while standing on the roof of a beverly hills building, yelling free at last, and pretending to drink a bottle of tiger's blood. charlie sheen has more time for such displays, now that he has been fired by warner brothers
3:56 am
television, the studio that produces his show, "two and a half men." sheen is threatening to sue the studio and warner brothers vows to get back whatever money the studio has lost from scrapping the final eight episodes of the season. meanwhile, charlie sheen is making nightly appearances in online videos. this one was apparently shot yesterday morning. >> have you had your breakfast yet, my friend? >> no, i am smoking a cigarette and drinking something i won't reveal. we are in the middle of a movement, an odyssey of epic proportions, epic proportions. how can that be it. that's all you have? hold on, i want to drink the secret elixir down below the frame line. i think we should do a book, apocalypse me. >> say the title? >> apocalypse and me, the jaws of life.
3:57 am
>> joining me now, attorney lisa bloom. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> and first, quickly, the custody case. i don't think people out there can believe that charlie sheen could get five minutes of custody with the behavior they've seen on videotape. >> well, lawrence, what's fascinating to me as a family lawyer in los angeles is that he's had custody, notwithstanding multiple domestic violence arrests and convictions over the last couple of years. only now, now that we're all publicly seeing his erratic behavior, now that he attacked his employer, warner brothers, the studio. only now is custody really at issue. >> and it seems that charlie sheen is now the strongest witness against charlie sheen. it seems that the studio is using all the public statements he gave, including many of the statements he gave to jeff rossen in the interviews for this network to use as material against him in the fight over "two and a half men." >> well, that's right.
3:58 am
and i've read warner brother's lengthy, 11-page long attorney letter. it says exactly that. one of the grounds they say justifies the termination of him is that he without consent of the studio talked about the show and talked about the creator and others that work on the show, like many actors, his contract prohibits that. they control all of the publicity. the real reason they say they fired him is simply because he wasn't performing under the contract. that's not enough as an actor simply to show up on the day of filming and read your lines. he was supposed to show up for all rehearse also, failed to do that. sometimes they say he was so unbalanced they had to prop him up, he couldn't remember lines. they say his alleged drug and alcohol use directly interfered with him doing his job. that's why they fired him. >> they say in the complaint that committing a felony violates charlie sheen's contract. are they going to be able to prevail on that without a criminal conviction for the felony?
3:59 am
>> they can. let's talk about that clause. everybody has been talking about it in charlie sheen's case. now we know what it says. he was at the top of his game when he negotiated the contract. he got a narrow morals clause. they can only fire for behavior that's also a felony, but he doesn't have to be convicted of the felony. if the studio reasonably believes he committed a felony, then they can terminate him. they say that felony, they reasonably believe is giving cocaine to another, they say he admitted that in an interview and that's sufficient to terminate him. >> where is this case going to end up? >> it is going to go to arbitration because his entertainment contract with warner brothers and cbs provides any disputes go to arbitration. that's supposed to be confidential in los angeles. good luck here keeping anything confidential. i suspect ultimately the parties will settle. right now, they don't agree who is writing the check. warner brothers says charlie sheen should pay them.


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